The Edjer Company is the home of the World’s greatest hobby knife sharpening tools. The Edjer Knife Sharpening Tool sharpens hobby knives, blades and exacto knives in a jiffy. This one of a kind knife sharpening technology sharpens exacto knives and hobby blades with a perfect edge in a matter of seconds every time. The days of dull knives and replacing blades are over; the Edjer Knife Sharpening Tool is the hobbyist best friend to keep all of your  hobby knives and blades sharp as new. Do not let dull blades cause you frustration ever again; order today, sharpen your knife in a jiffy tomorrow. 

The Edjer Knife Sharpening Tool can be equipped with a variety of blade sharpening stones from Arkansas whetstones to Extra-Fine Diamond stones for honing blades. These interchangeable sharpening stones make sharpening knives for different materials and keeping your blades sharp for differing tasks simple.

The Edjer Company also carries a variety of hobby tools including knives, replaceable blades, saws, scissors, and much more. Get everything you need for all your hobby endeavors and the home of the Edjer Knife Sharpening Tool.

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